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legoline ([personal profile] legoline) wrote on December 29th, 2011 at 11:10 am
End-of-the-Year Vidding Meme
(All the cool kids are doing it, how could I resist?)

Vids in 2011
Ghosts (North & South, June)
Hatred (Spooks, August)
Darkness, Darkness (Whitechapel, October)
From the North (Game of Thrones, December)
An Toll Dubh (The Eagle, December)
Scrooge (North & South, December)
Cold Is the Night (Sirens, December)

...and a couple in the making for [ profile] festivids. (And a quick "Rarmitage is smexy!" vid that I never showed to anyone but [ profile] roadrunner1896 and [ profile] elsmoka :-) )

My favourite video this year
Probably Darkness, Darkness. For one, I geniunely love the source and the song. The whole vid just fell into place all of its own. But personally I feel like it's also a big step forwards stylewise. The vids before were still mostly trying to figure out what worked and what didn't, and possibly didn't reach their full potential. Darkness, Darkness felt better in that regard though looking back now I'd probably done a few things differently. Still. Love it loads and I may go back and fix the few issues I have with it now.

My least favourite video this year
From the North even though I attempted editing and cutting a song for the first time here. I still like the idea loads and most parts of the vid but somehow it felt like I was aiming for too much too soon.

Most successful video
An Toll Dubh by far though that question is a bit unfair because that is the only vid I ever crossposted to a community other than [ profile] vidding. ;-) But still, I got a lot of positive response to it. Given that I had expected zero to a handful comments it was almost a bit overwhelming :-)

Video most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion
Darkness, Darkness but then again, it is for a tiny wee small fandom and I didn't crosspost it other than to [ profile] vidding, so it wouldn't be fair towards the universe. I keep meaning to crosspost Darkness, Darkness but I'm not sure what the netiquette is given that it's an old-ish vid.

Cold Is The Night didn't get a lot of feedback but the fandom is basically non-existant. I couldn't even find a LJ community to crosspost it to.

Most fun video
Apart from the "Rarmitage is smexy" vid, you mean? :-) I really loved making Scrooge and making up that alternate reality in whih Thornton is an evil, heartless arse. I also really loved working on my [ profile] festivids assignment. And I did mention Darkness, Darkness?

Video with single sexiest moment
"Rarmitage is smexy". THE END. :-p Other than that I love the "raising of the shields" bit in An Toll Dubh.

Biggest vid fail
Since I've just gotten into I refuse to talk about any of the vids as failures. They're all part of a learning progress ;D That said, I kept running out of source material for Cold Is The Night, so it didn't get quite to be what I wanted it to be.

Hardest video to make
From the North, definitely. The song I picked was so hard to vid because it has no obvious rhythm or beat. I spent a lot of time rearranging the timeline and ways to structure the vid and whatnot. I'm still not quite happy with it.

Most unintentionally telling video
They're all kind of angsty, aren't they? :-)

2012 Resolutions/Plans
I have an awesome epic childhood-multi-fandom vid in mind that I really want to do. There's going to be a few [ profile] festivids vids, I hope. At least one :-) I also hope to make the Friday Night Lights vid I've been meaning to vid since before I even decided to give vidding another try. And the Doctor Who one. Oh, and I want to vid Harry Potter and LOTR. I also hope to learn more about Avisynth and cool techniques.
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