legoline: (Merlin - Merlin Orange)
legoline ([personal profile] legoline) wrote on August 11th, 2009 at 08:20 pm
Fancy a "Merlin" Con? Make It Happen.
The lovely [ profile] krazykipper has been crewing for Showmasters, one of the companies that run fan conventions in the UK (such as Collectormania), for quite a while now. When she asked the con runners about the possibilty of a "Merlin" Con in the UK, Jason -one of the two con runners- assured her that he would be interested in organising one if Kip could prove to him that it would attract enough people to justify such an event.

So. She created a Facebook community over here that you can join to show support. I'm also quite confident that you could press Kip for more information here.

In a nutshell: there could be a "Merlin" UK con, if you spread the word and let Showmasters know that people are interested to come.

I know this fandom a little bit. And judging from the enthusiasm I've seen it can't be that hard to get 500 people's support...right? :)
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