24 December 2011 @ 08:46 pm
Fanvid: Cold Is The Night (Sirens; Stuart/Ashley)  
For [ profile] roadrunner1896, who is one of the most supportive and generous people I know, and always ready to do some hand-holding whenever I set out to try something new--like vidding this year. Unfortunately, it was impossible to include Dr Alec Track into this vid, so I did the next best thing and I hope you like it :-) Happy Christmas, dear!


Title: Cold Is The Night
Fandom: Sirens
Music: "Cold Is The Night"| The Oh Hello's
Info: 03:18 minutes, 49,1 MB; XVid
Summary: "Take away this apathy and bury it before it buries me." (Stuart/Ashley)

Download HERE. (unzip with Winrar)

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For Roadie, who is one of approx. three people who I know that watch the show as well ♥

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01 November 2011 @ 11:28 pm
Birthday Fic: "Change of Scenery" (The Golden Hour/Sirens Crossover)  
SURPRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISE!!! :D Happy birthday, [ profile] roadrunner1896. I did it! I did it! For you! Ta-daaaa!!!

Title Change of Scenery
Fandom The Golden Hour/Sirens (Ashley/Dr Alec Track)
Word Count 1,011 completely unbeta'd words
Notes: This is a tiny pre-slash-ish snippet that won't make sense to anyone but me and [ profile] roadrunner1896. It's [ profile] roadrunner1896's birthday today and for a long few months she's requested this crossover unaware I would rise up to the challenge. HAHA. Happy birthday, hon. And also, this isn't the greatest fic but whatever, you requested it :-)
EDIT: Now with bonus amazing COVER ART from [ profile] elli.

Change of Scenery
by Steffi

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