21 January 2012 @ 08:25 pm
Festivids Recs #1  
Almost twohundred (!!!) vids to go through, so this rec list is far from being complete. Here's what I really loved so far.

First, the two gift vids that I received and which are both just wonderful. I feel so very lucky to have received two such beautiful vids. Thank you, vidder persons!

Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full of Promise (Stand By Me)
I watched this and then I teared up a little and I actually couldn't watch it again right away because it gave me all the feelings and I had to recover a little first. It's beautiful. Oh film, I love you. So much ♥

Walking On Sunshine (Miranda)
This on the other hand made me grin like an idiot. So delightful! I may have danced along sitting in my chair as well (It's totally possible.) SUCH FUN!!!

Other recs:

a message for you (Big Fish)
Fabulous use of the Pretteh that is Tim Burton's movies. I only watched the film once but now I feel I should watch it again.

Little Lie (Blackpool)
Fantastic editing, great song choice.

Love Will Win (E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial)
Possibly my favourite so far. It's just so...beautiful. Flawless editing and great song choice and seriously, it made me smile and cry, sometimes at the same time.

Hero (The Hour)
Just captures the tone of the show perfectly.

My Aviator (The Great Mouse Detective)
Most underrated Disney film of all time.

You Make Me Feel So Young (Mary Poppins)
Just utterly delightful. Seriously.

Ooh La La! (Moulin Rouge)
I figured it'd be impossible to vid this film and capture both the emotion as well as the powerful visual style of this film, but somehow this video does it. Great song choice.

To be continued...
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29 December 2011 @ 11:10 am
End-of-the-Year Vidding Meme  
(All the cool kids are doing it, how could I resist?)

Vids in 2011
Ghosts (North & South, June)
Hatred (Spooks, August)
Darkness, Darkness (Whitechapel, October)
From the North (Game of Thrones, December)
An Toll Dubh (The Eagle, December)
Scrooge (North & South, December)
Cold Is the Night (Sirens, December)

...and a couple in the making for [ profile] festivids. (And a quick "Rarmitage is smexy!" vid that I never showed to anyone but [ profile] roadrunner1896 and [ profile] elsmoka :-) )

Read more... )
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16 October 2011 @ 06:02 pm
Dear Festividder,  
first of all, let me thank your for signing up and creating a fanvid for me. You are clearly awesome. This is my first year and I'm very excited to be a part of the fun and awesomeness that shall be shared. Yay!

I'm fairly easy as far as fanvids are concerned. Honest, I'm mostly giddy that I'll get a fanvid and then a fanvid for one of my rather tiny fandoms to boot, so I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with. That said, you can find some additional notes to my fandoms below, in case you would prefer some more guidelines or would just like to know what I love most about these shows and films.

Music-wise, I'm fairly easy, too. I don't generally listen to house or hip hop, but even so I've still seen and enjoyed fanvids where that kind of music was a perfect fit, so anything goes. I love to be surprised.

And if you just happen to be passing by--treats are welcome :)

Downton Abbey
This is one of my favourite shows at the moment--I can't even exactly point my finger on what exactly makes it so special for me. It's probably everything. First of all, I've loved that particular period in time ever since I saw Titanic at the theatres. The clothes! The hair! The cars! The everything! So, that aloone probably would've made the show a winner for me but there's more. I love the relationships between the servants and the Crawley's; how much the servants know about their masters and how little the Crawley's know about the world "downstairs". I love the women in this show--Mary, Edith, Sybil, Anna, Gwen, Mrs Hughes, Daisy...I love them all. I love how the Crawley sisters, particularly in the second season, start to emancipate themselves from the roles they've been born into. And I've been really impressed by how the horrors of World War I is slowly seeping into the protected, seemingly isolated world of Downton Abbey. And of course, I particularly love Mr Bates and Anna. Who doesn't?

There are plenty of reasons to love this show, like the characters and the plots and the camera work that just seems to be getting better and better. I would love a Zaf-centric video simply because I thought he was very cool and very underused as well. I loved his kickass fighting style and his sense of humor. He and Adam made a great duo. But really, I love all the characters. Do whatever strikes your fancy. (Okay, I should probably point out I never cared much for Zoe but if you make it your challenge to change that, be my guest :-) )

North & South (2004)
Aaand we continue with the period drama. Ah. I watched this for the first time this year and was completely enthralled by it. I really loved Richard Armitage's quiet portrayal of Thornton, and then I absolutely loved his mother and Fanny, too. And Higgins. (Mental note: watch more that has Brendan Coyle in it). No prompts here, any video will make me very, very happy.

Pride & Prejudice (2005)
(Even more period drama) I have a confession to make. I prefer the 2005 movie over the BBC mini series. Yes, even though that one has Colin Firth. For is so pretty. The colours and the camera work and everything---you could frame every screencap of that movie and hang it on your wall. It's that pretty. Second, the casting. I'm usually not Keira Knightley's biggest fan but I find her simply delightful in this film and an incredibly good fit for Lizzy. And Matthew Macfadyen as Mr Darcy--I'm sorry Mr Firth but I do find Macfadyen's approach to Mr Darcy more complex and nuanced. Half of the time, I feel sorry for the poor sod because he's trying pretty hard, actually, he just happens to be socially awkward (which Macfadyen plays so well.) But anyways, I'm babbling. I think what I'd really love for this fandom is a sweet, uplifting video, either ensemble or Lizzy/Darcy.

How I Met Your Mother
My favourite tv show at the moment. I love it incredibly much. It makes me cry, it makes me laugh, it makes me think, sometimes all three. I love the characters, who simply refuse to be standardised stereotypes. I had to get to know them all first before I started liking them, and to me, that's the show's strongest appeal. I would be friends with all of them, despite their little ticks and habits.

Good Bye, Lenin!
German cinema has come up with quite a few good movies this past decade, and this one's my favourite. It bothers me when people try to sell it as a comedy because as odd and crazy as the plot seems to be, this is actually a very serious, quiet and heart-warming film about family and lives that are changed completely overnight. And it's also a very pensive, sweet movie over two countries who have to learn to become one again. My favourite character is Alex (surprise!), but I'd love an ensemble vid, too, or really anything you come up with.

Stand By Me
No words needed, right? One of my all-time favourites. The story, the music, the script, the cast, the everything. My love for this film knows no bounds, seriously. The only request I make here is that you give me a gen vid (as in, no slash). Other than that--go wild, I'll definitely love it.

And then there was Miranda. A show that despite its silliness and over the top comedy has become one of my favourite shows basically overnight. I love how clever it is at times, how it takes certain trends and people in society and pokes them with a stick ("Bear with! Kissingtons!") ; I love Miranda and I love her friendship with Gary; I love that Gary is a sweet, caring guy who actually likes this tall awkward woman rather than making fun of her; I love Miranda's friendship with Stevie. I love everything about it, and any vid is going to make me dance to Billy Joel in my room.
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14 August 2008 @ 11:43 pm
Guilty As Charged.  
Found on [ profile] ewanspotter's LJ...

You Might Be A Fan If...


*is actually listening to a song she got to know via a fanvid*
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19 November 2007 @ 06:17 pm
Then you sir, are a romantic fool.  
[ profile] medie and I were talking about James Read yesterday and as it turns out, she's never seen him as George Hazard in North & South. After the first shock had settled it, I promised some screencaps :-)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

More Behind Cut )
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02 June 2007 @ 10:03 am
Interesting Article On The Strikethrough 2007  

(nicked from [ profile] mareen's LJ :-) )

Still can't post longish things. I'm rather pissed off. I understand they have traffic problems, but why does it always effect the same users?
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31 May 2007 @ 11:03 pm
Livejournal is unsuspending all fandom & fiction journals.

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31 May 2007 @ 04:12 pm
When I joined [ profile] fandom_counts yesterday evening member count was about 3,000. Now it's at 25,500 - and counting.

Just wow.
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18 October 2006 @ 07:14 pm
Okay, folks.  
It seems I'm in a Buffy-verse mood today. Or let's say, Joss Whedon mood :-)

Remember that Angel episode where the bad guy blew up their office building and Wesley (I think it was Wesley, might have been Doyle but... nah, it was Wesley) was still inside? (Seriously, how often did Wesley end up in hospital in those five seasons?) Does anyone know which episode that was? Must have been season one or two. I'm dying to see it again, but somehow online episode guides aren't much helping.

Care to help me out?
08 October 2006 @ 08:57 pm
Hi Res Pictures.  
Something I've been asking myself ever since I watched Lost - where do people get the episode & public appearance photos from? It's like in every fandom there's someone who's got them first, and where do they have them from? The websites, where do they get them? Do they pay for it? Do they have connections? Where do these promo pictures pop up first?


ETA: He is trying to kill me, isn't he?

24 August 2006 @ 12:13 pm
*pees herself*  
You know that face recognition "which celebrity does look like me" thing from

Well, I got Christina Ricci, Kate Hudson, Mischa Barton... (seriously WTF? I don't look an inch like them...)

...and... prepare yourselves...


That's right, apparently we match 72% percent or something.

*laughs tears*
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23 July 2006 @ 11:38 am
Musings On SG-1 and Atlantis.  
So, recently I'm under the impression that there are quite some few people who complain about the characters in the Stargate universe, or the way things are going, how characters develop - or not - and frankly, I can't understand that.

To me, both SG shows are fun shows. I watch them for *gasp* entertainment. I've never expected to see great, new, mind blowing shows, pushing the limits of television. I've never expected to see broken characters that are constantly fretting over their lives. I've never expected to see story arcs that make you question religion, politics, or your own existence.

There's other shows for that, which I also watch happily.

But Stargate's become my "relax television". My fun shows. Give me an entertaining plot, a little snark between the characters and I'm happy. I never thought season two of SG:A was worse than season one. I don't think season three is even worse than that.

They're just... oh, I dunno,
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22 July 2006 @ 07:39 pm
*rocks forward and backward*  
Dear producers and writers,

I hereby demand that all weird similarities between certain TV shows (such as lines, plot devices, actors, character names, little seemingly unimportant facts) shall no longer be allowed and shall be punished by law.

They make me laugh and pull my hair and giggle and yell at the television. This is unacceptable.

yours Steffi
22 July 2006 @ 03:17 pm
You Know You're Waaaay Too Obsessed With Supernatural When... watch that Angel episode "Smile Time" and you actually recognise a plain, ordinary kid from somewhere else:

I think I might actually be putting a new meaning to the word "geek".
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19 July 2006 @ 09:25 am
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a bandwagon to jump on!  
From several people :o)

Congratulations! You've somehow been transported into a bizarro world where you can not only chose who you will love, but who will love you!

If you had your choice of any celebrity or fictional character (living or dead) who would you choose to be the following:

1. Who is your best friend?
2. Who is your mother?
3. Who is your father?
4. Who is your older sibling? Younger sibling?
5. Who is your prom date?
6. Who do you have a no-strings-attached one-night stand with?
7. Who do you date for a year or two?
8. Who do you marry?
9. Who is your boss?
10. Who is your next door neighbor?

This way please )
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15 July 2006 @ 11:43 am
Something + Note To [profile] miss_nightowl  
Stargate Atlantis 3x01 - No Man's Land

AHAHAH!!!! The Holo Doc!!! *dies laughing*

Note To [ profile] miss_nightowl:

Ivanhoe just arrived here and I think both sword and spear are still intact. I hope! Also thanks for the CD!!!! *klems*
14 July 2006 @ 08:00 pm
And another random tibit.  
The day before yesterday Michael Collins was on the telly. Last time I saw that film was five years ago so guess how surprised I was when I suddenly spotted Alan Rickman there! I totally couldn't remember he was in it.
Is there a film set in Britain Alan Rickman is NOT in? And come to think of it, why hasn't he been on Doctor Who yet? It's about friggin' time. After all, almost the entire Harry Potter cast has made an appearance already.
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13 July 2006 @ 10:19 pm
OMG! It's another cool TV meme!  
Nicked from [ profile] kruemelnikku...

Bold all of the following TV shows which you've ever seen 3 or more episodes of in your lifetime. Bold and Italicize a show if you're positive you've seen every episode of it. If you want, add up to 3 additional shows (keep the list in alphabetical order).
* = show I still want to see
☆ = show added by me^^

Confessions of a geeky mind )

So, I didn't meet up with Bettina and Ross, The Irish, after all. I slept so little over the past days out of nervosity that by 6pm I was feeling sick and headachey and decided to stay home instead.

Just saw Michael Weatherly on Navy CSI. Oh well, I prefer him in a wheel chair with glasses and Alec.
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07 July 2006 @ 11:19 pm
Make It So!  
Ever since I started watching Stargate Atlantis I've realised something: God, I love Science Fiction.

It never occured to me just how much I love that genre until I started watching SGA, the first sci-fi programme in years - and I literally had this "Thank God, finally a new Sci-Fi programme to watch." feeling. Would certainly explain why I always loved seaQuest and Star Trek. And stuff like Star Wars ALTHOUGH I'm not quote sure whether that isn't actually fantasy only in space.

I guess I find it so intriguing because it deals with what one day could be, or what lies out there in the universe, and that's thoughts I've been playing with ever since I was a kid. The thought that some of these things might be possible one day. How our society's going to change, for the good or the bad. How OTHER societies might be like. How not everything we claim is right naturally is. And because there's this component that we're not as special as we think, because there's maybe people far more advanced than we are.

And I love to see different people's visions. May it be utopias like Star Trek, where Earth is pretty much united and the enemy is out there, or dystopias like Firefly. I love the Stargate universe, where there's this gate to other worlds, other planets. And who's to say stuff like that don't actually exist, somewhere? Just because we say it's impossible it doesn't have to be.

Probably that's why I like Sci-Fi more than Fantasy. Fantasy always has this "But it never really WAS like that" touch to it wheras Sci-Fi is more real so to speak because it deals with things that one day might happen. Sci-fi is usually being regarded as something for nerds and geeks while I think, it's mostly for people who like to reflect on their own world...

It's just - fascinating, to quote Mr Spock here. :-)

P.S. And I need to watch Babylon 5

P.P.S: Started Stargate SG-1 a couple of days ago. Am now already on season two. *clears throat* Yeah.

01 July 2006 @ 05:49 pm
Memes from [personal profile] mariloli  
Supposedly if you've seen over 105 movies, you have no life. Mark the ones you've seen. There are 176 movies on this list. Put your score in header and repost.
Apparently I DO have a life :o) )

And here's the same with TV Shows. I'm counting those I either watched for a while, watch every now and then or am an absolute fan of.

Ah, the memories. But where's seaQuest??? )

Also, after a month of reconsideration I've come to the conclusion I love Firefly. That show was a thing of beauty.