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legoline ([personal profile] legoline) wrote on January 21st, 2012 at 01:26 pm
A Sherlock Observation
You know what I really, really liked about Sherlock 2x03? The fact that Lestrade was more or less referred to as King Arthur. Which made me go all kinds of YAY and WHEE.

Let me elaborate (as if I wouldn't). A few weeks ago my brother and I discussed Sherlock a bit, and I told him that (aside from the fact that I like Rupert Graves), I most definitely prefer BBC!Lestrade over Hollywood!Lestrade. Hollywood!Lestrade is a bit of a sleazy character; the kind who's too lazy for thorough investigations and probably not the brightest, too. He's repeteadly mocked by Holmes and does very little to prove Holmes wrong. As a viewer, you just don't like him. You're not meant to like him.

BBC!Lestrade on the other hand feels much more like a real person and not some form of charicature thereof. He may not be as smart as Sherlock but he is certainly not dumb nor is he a bad detective; he fulfills the job as best as he can with the means at his disposal. And despite Sherlock occasionally mocking him, the two of them are actually friends who respect one another. (Sherlock may not know his first name and the like; but he was invited for Christmas and when Moriarty threatens to kill Sherlock's friends, Sherlock mentions Lestrade as one of them.)

So I appreciated the allegory of Lestrade being the King, I really did. The shoe just fits, doesn't it? The moment Moriarty drew that connection I had an instant epiphany of, OH GOD, YES. Because BBC!Lestrade is wise and just. He's not too proud to admit that an amateur detective like Sherlock is smarter than him. He brings Sherlock in so that cases will get solved and people be protected. (And it does help that Rupert Graves brings so much charism and...I'm tempted to say kindness to the role of Lestrade.) He's just awesome, that's what he is.

In conclusion: need Lestrade icon. Preferrably one with a crown saying "KING" or something :-p

In less related news: [community profile] festivids Golive today! OMG! Excited and nervous doesn't even begin to cover it.
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