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legoline ([personal profile] legoline) wrote on December 21st, 2011 at 10:28 pm
Fanvid: Scrooge (North & South)
Okay. So back in the olden days when this was all fields (so, half a year ago) and I decided to try the vidding thing again my first ever attempt which only a handful of people ever got to see was a North & South vid set to "Scrooge" from the Muppet Christmas Carol. The vid had a lot of random fade-outs and many scenes that were too long and stuff, but I decided that vidding was fun and to stick with it when time allowed.

Now Christmas is only a few days away, so I decided to fix the vid and post it for everyone on my flist who either loves period drama, Richard Armitage or The Muppet Christmas Carol :) (Ideally, all three), as I didn't have time to prepare anything else but really wanted to "give" something, and this vid is the only Christmassy thing I have to offer right now. It's also just a tiny fun vid for the interested and hence I won't crosspost it (except to the vidding forum, possibly). (And please don't feel bad if you're not interested in this, trust me, you're definitely in the majority. Sorry :-))


Title: Scrooge
Fandom: North & South
Music: "Scrooge"| Muppet Christmas Carol
Info: 02:32 minutes, 40,0 MB; XVid
Summary: "There goes Mr Humbug". Humor vid. Sort of.

Download HERE. (unzip with Winrar)

password: thornton

Please believe me when I say that I absolutely love Thornton. A lot. But when I watched the mini-series for the first time I couldn't help but thinking that all these scenes in which Thornton walks somewhere with that grim expression on his face were quite similiar to those from the Muppet Christmas Carol. Like, the song actually started playing in my head whilst watching. This vid isn't really about Thornton. It's about how Margaret and the workers see him, and it's also just supposed to be a Christmas vid because I love Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", and I love that mini-series, and the song, so I just wanted to mash it up. (Sorry, [ profile] roadrunner1896 ;-) ) Don't read too much into it. It's just supposed to be fun, really :-)
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